Sunday, September 18, 2005 | |

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Tonight, we had our first annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the church we are "replanting" or rebooting. When we came nine monthes ago, they said no one does anything but a few people in this church, do everything. Sound familiar? Tonight, we had a catered dinner, thank you notes, and gifts for over 40 regular volunteers, who are NOW on the team. It was an awesome feeling for a few of us to go around the room and tell each volunteer what they meant to the team and share vision. Take time to tell your volunteers what they mean to the team!

Why? Because God cares about His laborers. I had a 5AM idea, wake me from me sleep, awhile back to contact the area restaurants about donating gift certificates to our workers. The response was overwhelming, we gave out gift certificates to every volunteer for a nice meal, all of them were donated. This was a night our church won't soon forget. This is something any church can do!