Sunday, August 21, 2005 | |

Sunday Stew: Daddy's Day

This week I took my two girls out for a date. We called it "Daddy Day". I first took my two young girls to the hair salon to get their haircut. From there, we went to buy them both a pair of new shoes to begin their school year. The whole time I was just loving them and blessing them. They then wanted lunch and I let them decide and they wanted "Taco Bell". So we then went to Taco Bell and I got them both a "Kid's Meal". We were enjoying our time and lunch together. Then after their lunch was about over I gave them their "Cinnamon Twists" from their Kid's Meal. They loved them, they loved them so much, that when Dad asked for some, their relpy was "Dad were not sharing our Cinnamon Twist! Get your own!"

I laughed then thought to my self, "How many times do we do that to our Heavenly Daddy?" It's Daddy's Day and he's blessed us all week and provided. Then comes our time to bless him and give our best, we don't. This "Daddy's Day", give God your best and remember to share your Cinnamon Twist!