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The Leadership Blog Interview: Dr. Larry Osborne

Dr. Larry Osborne

Bio: Larry Osborne is the senior pastor of North Coast Church, where nearly 5,700 attend on a typical weekend. The Multi-Site North Coast Church offers 23 weekend worship options on five different sites. He is a popular contributor to LEADERSHIP Journal, he writes and speaks extensively on the subject of leadership and developing healthy ministry teams.

Church: North Coast Church

The Leadership Blog Interview
1. What gives you the greatest joy in being a leader?
Larry: "Seeing people grow and develop into all that God called them to be and empowering people to the point that the spotlight falls on them instead of me."

2. What is your biggest pet peeve as a leader?
Larry: "The assumption that before carrying out any significant organizational change a leader first needs strong “buy in” from most if not all impacted parties. This idea kills off innovation because people can’t “buy in” to ideas and programs they’ve not yet seen. Fact is: leaders need “permission” not “buy in” before leading into new territory."

3. Who made the biggest influence in your life as a leader?
: "The book of Proverbs and the writings of Peter Drucker."

4. What books have changed your life?
Larry: "The Bible and The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker"

5. What's your biggest challenge as a leader?
Larry: "Balancing both WHAT God wants done with WHEN He wants it done."

6. What goals do you have as a leader?
Larry: "To leave a legacy where people truly fly higher and have a greater impact because our lives crossed."

7. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Larry: "Doing exactly the same things I’m doing now. Raising up and empowering leaders within our church and helping national leaders and pastors more successful in within their ministry context."

Thanks Larry for taking time for the interview. There was some great wisdom shared in it! Your thoughts on "permission" and "buy-in" were great! More Great Interviews are on the way! Who's Next? Stay Tuned to find out!