Monday, November 07, 2005 | |

Word of Mouth is Still Best!

According to the WOMMA report, the top ten reasons why word of mouth marketing is gaining momentum is that:

1. The consumer is in control
2. There is a growing distrust of advertising messages
3. Empowered consumers are not just negative, they are fighting back
4. There is a marked increase in online advertising
5. Media fragmentation is causing marketers are shifting from mass advertising to targeting efforts
6. Email and other interactive platforms make it easy to employ viral programs
7. Word of mouth marketing is relatively free advertising
8. New tools can now track and measure online word of mouth
9. Online word of mouth marketing campaigns have a long shelf life
10. Remarkable offline marketing campaigns can ripple on to the web
Via Almost half of all online marketers will engage in some form of word of mouth marketing this year. Next year, a majority of digital marketers will conduct such efforts.

-Via Church of the Consumer