Tuesday, June 21, 2005 | |

The Superman Complex

Yesterday, I picked up the book, "The Superman Complex" by Max Carey at the library. Wow! It's very convicting and every leader, pastor, & business owner should read it. I'm half way through the book and here are the "Six Pillars of the Superman Complex".
1. The Renaissance Man - He can do anything and he could do it better than anyone else.
2. The Know-It-All - They believe they are the expert in every field of human endeavor.
3. The Glutton for Punishment - They are willing to sacrifice anything to get the job done.
4. The Lone Ranger - They don't need anyone at all.
5. The Puppet Master - They have to control everything.
6. The Hall of Famer - They have to win all the time.
Anyone come to mind?