Wednesday, June 22, 2005 | |

The Superman Complex Part 2

"Hi my name is Josh and I have the Superman Complex." After yesterday's post you may want to ask what's wrong with having a Superman Complex, I get things done! Is it wrong for me to have ambition & drive? No, the book talks about the Superman Complex being more than just normal ambition & drive. You know if you're going overboard. Along with the good parts of being a "Superman", there is a what the book calls, "The Darkside of Being Superman".
Here's the Dark Side of Being Superman:
-You put your mental health at risk with worry
-You damage your psychic health (self worth)
-You damage your spiritual health (no room or time for God)
-You damage your relationships with others
-You rist your physical health
-You do damage to your workplace, your family, & to your future

Tomorrow, we'll look at what to do if you've got the "Superman Complex".