Tuesday, June 28, 2005 | |

The Mp3 Connoisseur

I have to say I am a connoisseur of sermon mp3s, much of my sabbath on Mondays (I preach twice on Sundays) is spent being refreshed by listening to great communicators. Of the 600 songs on my iPod, probably 100 are sermons. I've hounded Terry and other megachurches about putting out podcasts or mp3s, those of you who sell them give us a sample once a month! I also will say I never listen to Real Media or any other Streaming Media, give me something I can take with me. Here are my top five "FREE mp3" great communicators and where to find them:
1. Perry Noble
2. Rob Bell
3. Kevin Myers
4. Brian Tome
5. Greg Surratt
Honarble Mention - Erwin McManus , Mark Driscoll

Is there anybody I don't know yet, but needs to be on the list? Drop me a comment.