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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

We're expanding! If you are a leader or pastor and is interested in writing a weekly leadership post for "The Leadership Blog" or would like to share a leadership post from your site , please email me at leadership.blog@gmail.com. Thanks.

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Back from death

Check out this interesting article about Steve Sjogren's incredible story of his brush with death.

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Rick Warren to buy Saints, build Purpose-Driven Field

Pastor and author Rick Warren has signed a deal to purchase the New Orleans Saints football franchise for $320 million from current owner Tom Benson, and has pledged to pour his time and energy into helping the city and team rebuild. Read the "Lark News" article here.

FYI: Lark News isn't real but funny.

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New Blog

Pastor Mark Driscoll from Mars Hill is now blogging. Check it out here.

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Teach on Tithing!

I just got an email from a Newcomer to our church, thanking me for teaching on "Stewardship" this past Sunday and explaining tithing. We have to get over the complex of teaching on finances. The church isn't after their money, the credit card industry is! The only people I've ever had get upset after someone teaching on giving is someone that doesn't give. And if they leave your church, subtract their giving, take zero from zero and it's still zero.

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Thanks Mark!

I want to say Thanks to Mark Batterson for getting me two books off my Amazon Wishlist! Mark, you've been a blessing to me in so many ways! God is blessing Mark and NCC because they bless so many people!

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Simply Strategic Show

Check out Tony Morgan and Tim Stevens' great new podcast the "Simply Strategic Show"! Good stuff.

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Free Andy Stanley Book!

Pastors & Leaders, Click here for a FREE copy of Andy Stanley's "How Good is Good Enough?"

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The Leadership Blog Interview: Scott Hodge

Scott Hodge

Site: www.scotthodge.org

Bio: Scott Hodge is the Lead Pastor of Orchard Valley Community Church in Aurora, IL. The Orchard is a 75 year old church with an exciting story of change and transition. Scott has recently written for Leadership Journal on the topic of church transition and is passionate about creating relevant environments to reach their highly unchurched community located just outside of the Chicago area.

The Leadership Blog Interview Questions
1. What gives you the greatest joy in being a leader?

Scott: "Without a doubt, my greatest joy in leading people is watching people grow, develop and maximize their potential to impact the world around them. I always gain great joy in hearing the stories of people’s lives that have been impacted through our church community. When I watch our team (staff & volunteers) do their “thing” every week I am continually overcome with joy."

2. What is your biggest pet peeve as a leader?
Scott: "Negative people. I have seen what happens when negative people spread their poison in an organization – and I have to tell you, I just can’t tolerate it. Probably another pet peeve as a leader when I see or meet someone who has incredible potential, but for whatever reason is not teachable or thinks that “it’s all about them.” It frustrates me to no end, but then I usually remember that I don’t have the ability to change anyone so I usually just resort to praying for them."

3. Who made the biggest influence in your life as a leader?
Scott: "Without a doubt, my dad - Larry Hodge, who passed away about a year ago and who is terribly missed. When I was around 18 or 19 years old I really began learning about leadership from John Maxwell – and that set the tone for my continued pursuit of leadership. And there are actually a lot of people in my life – teachers, pastors, old ladies who really knew some things about prayer that I hope to one day figure out, and others who really impacted my life over the years. And of course, Bill Hybel and Andy Stanley have helped keep me focused on my commitment of reaching people who don’t know God."

4. What books have changed your life?
Scott: "Spiritual Leadership by Oswald Sanders – This is a “must read” for anyone in leadership.
Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell – This was one of the first leadership books I ever read. I remember reading it and being so excited about leadership for the first time in my life.
Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose – there’s something about the pioneering story of Lewis & Clark that just inspires the tar out of me.
Good to Great by Jim Collins – This book guided us through a major transition/turnaround with our church. Incredible book!
More Ready Than You Realize by Brian McLaren – Most of McLaren’s stuff challenges my thinking and overall he has helped me have a better understanding of the mindset of our culture."

5. What's your biggest challenge as a leader?
Scott: "Not moving too fast! My wife is great at helping me stay focused on where I need to be. Because of my creative side, I could easily spend all of my time coming up with new and fresh ideas – and easily lose focus on strengthening and stabilizing where we’re at now. But when it’s time to create, it’s a big asset! Another big challenge is staying out of God’s way. Which isn’t always easy to do."

6. What goals do you have as a leader?
Scott: "To be the best father and husband imaginable. My other goal is to always remain flexible. My hope is that I will always remain willing to change and learn - for the rest of my life."

7. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Scott: "Dang. That's a tough question. If my life changes as much as it has in the past 10 years there's no telling where I see myself ten years from now. Perhaps Mars?? But seriously, I see myself pastoring a bunch of crazy, uncomfortable, risk taking Christ followers at The Orchard while continuing to come up with new and innovative ways to reach more people. I also have a passion for urban environments, so I’m excited about the possibility of being a part of planting new churches in some of the urban areas of the US. I also see myself doing a lot of writing."

Thanks Scott for taking time for the interview!

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Clergy: Best Job to Have in 2006

Check out this article on the Best Jobs to have in '06. I think it's one of the best jobs in the world, but I would guess, who ever wrote it is not a clergy.

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Always Remember...

"God loves BIG churches, but doesn't like BIG preachers." -Wayne Smith

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Know Your Sheep

Surveys Show Pastors Claim Congregants Are Deeply Committed to God But Congregants Deny It!
-One out of every six pastors (16%) contends that 90% or more of the adults in their church hold their relationship with God as their top life priority!

-Only one out of every seven adults (15%) placed their faith in God at the top of their priority list.

-The fact that only 6% of born again adults tithe is not seen as an indicator of lukewarm commitment.
(Link Via Dave)

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More FREE Small Group Resources

Here's some more Free Small Group resources from Life Church. Check them out.

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"Understanding the emerging church", Check out the interesting article by Ed Stetzer.

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Is "In Bubble Wrap" fixed?

I try everyday to win Free books on inbubblewrap.com and have yet to do so. Is there a trick or a secret? I know several people who have won several times and David just said he's won 5 times!

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MORE FREE Small Group Resources!!

"Helpful Heather" just pointed me to Northpoint's Small Group page that also has tons of Small Group Freebies! Check it out!

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FREE Small Group Resources!!!

I've been looking for good Small Group resources for some time and I emailed the always nice staff from National Community Church, to see if they had anything. Heather pointed me to their Zone Gathering page, where they not only have good resources but they're FREE! You can't beat that. Check it out, look on the right hand side under Small Group Tools! Anyone else have any Free stuff?

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Shot Down By Giuliani

I just got turned down for a Leadership Blog Interivew by former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani! I'm not suprised but the funny thing is I emailed his office like 3-4 monthes ago and they're just now getting back to me. Couldn't they do like most pastors and not respond? The Leadership Blog Interview list is impressive but if you only knew who flat out said no to a 3 minute email interview. I might just tell one day.

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Steve on Church Planting

Steve Sjogren and I email back and forth quite a bit, Check out this post on "What Kind of Churches Are We Planting", from his Servant Evangelism e-newsletter. Good stuff. Steve needs to start blogging again!

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Thank You!

Woo-hoo! I just received "Buzz Marketing" from my Amazon Wishlist! For anyone else who is feeling generous, my Amazon Wishlist can be found here.

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Want Innovation? Lead With A "YES!"

Check out this great post by Dave Ferguson, called "Lead with a Yes!" Now if I can finally get him to say "Yes!" to a Leadership Blog Interview!

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The Leadership Blog Interview: Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren

Bio: Brian McLaren is a prominent voice in the Emerging Church movement. Brian was recognized as one of TIME magazine's "25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America." He is the founding pastor of Cedar Ridge Community Church in Spencerville, MD.

Site: www.anewkindofchristian.com

The Leadership Blog Interview Questions
1. Brian, What gives you the greatest joy in being a leader?
Brian: "Watching people experience transformation as people of God, becoming agents of grace who can transform the world."

2. What is your biggest pet peeve as a leader?
Brian: "When we get distracted and divided by petty arguments and miss the point."

3. Who made the biggest influence in your life as a leader?
Brian: "I suppose we'd all say Jesus ... In addition, I have had several wonderful mentors whose lives have said, "Follow me as I follow Christ." But probably my parents stand out the most; they modeled Christ to me in the ways that mattered most."

4. What books have changed your life?
Brian: "So many - too many to mention. The novels of Walker Percy have had a great influence.

5. What's your biggest challenge as a leader?
Brian: "Trying not to get bogged down in the many things I am not good at, so I can concentrate on the few things I'm most gifted and called to do."

6. What goals do you have as a leader?
Brian: "I am in the midst of a transition now, and am thinking about goals for the last third of my life. There will be personal and family goals,goals relating to peace and justice, goals relating to the church and leadership development, and goals relating to writing and speaking. I hope in all these ways to contribute to the church rediscovering the message of the kingdom of God, and seeking to live by that message.

7. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Brian: "Encouraging younger leaders to network and dream together about life and mission for the rest of the 21st century."

Thanks Brian for taking time for the interview!

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New Year = Bowl Games!!

I was thrilled my Hokies won the Gator Bowl against Louisville. I tried to find the pic of the Louisville player with the sponges coming out of his nose. But this one will have to do. I just looked we get to thump Clemson in 2006.

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The #1 Most Popular Leadership Blog Interview of 2005

Kyle Lake

Editor's Note: "Kyle's untimely death sent tens of thousands of people looking for more info on him and to His Leadership Blog Interview done just a few weeks before his terrible death. Our thoughts and prayers are still with the Lake family and his church during the holiday season. The original interivew and the many comments can be found here, which has somehow became some sort of online Memorial to Kyle."

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Happy Re-New Year!

Make a commitment today to RENEW your passion, mind, & life!