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The Leadership Blog Review: Logos Leader’s Library

I’ve recently received the Logo’s Bible Software Leader’s Library. I had read and researched the different platforms of bible software and decided the Logo’s was the one for me. It has really revolutionized my devotional time and sermon preparation. I know that sounds like a bold statement, so I want to explain what I mean.

Imagine going into Starbucks or your favorite place to study carrying 400 bibles, commentaries, and books to study. I say 400 books because that’s all I have so far, a lot of people have thousands in their Logos collection! Of course, you wouldn’t do that but now you can. With Logos your library is now mobile. Wherever you take your laptop, your library goes with you.

Here are a few of my favorite features of the Logo’s Leader Library:

Exegetical Guide

All I have to do is type my scripture into the Logo's Exegetical Guide and it begins to break down my scripture word for word. At the click of a button, I can see what my Lexicon, Dictionary, Greek or Hebrew books have to say about each word. I no longer have to have a large stack of reference books with me to do exegesis of a scripture. This in itself will save you a lot time.

Passage Guide
After I have done my initial personal exegesis, I enter my scripture into the Logo's Passage Guide. The Passage Guide then searches the close to 400 books in my library and lists every instance the passage is mentioned. I have every commentary and book at my fingertips. For example, I type in Luke 9 and fifteen commentaries pop up and are ready to read. You can see how this will make your study time that much more effective!

Bible Reading
When I open the Logo’s Home Page, there is a start page and it keeps track of my bible reading plan and a devotional book of my choice. So every morning before I start work, I can turn on the program and there it tells me the four chapters I need to read today to stay on my plan and below it is today’s devotional posted. Plus, all the devotionals and bible ready plans can be imported and customized.

Expanding Your Library
What I love about Logos is the ability to expand your library with books of your choice! The Logos site has thousands of individual electronic books and sets ready to download for a fee. If you’re doing a series on “The Cross”, go to the Logo’s site and search it for more resources.

Plus one of the best parts is that you can get hundreds of books for FREE
! If you buy one of the seven base Logos packages, you get a Personal Book Reader Key. The PBB reader can read any of the hundreds of free books available from sites like Truth is Still Truth. And these aren’t books no one wants but classics and commentaries that are public domain.

The only question I’ve been asked is about the price of Logos. I read a great comparison somewhere that buying Bible Software is about like a mechanic making an investment in his tools that will last him a life time. Invest in yourself and ministry, you won’t regret it. There is a package and price point for everyone and they will set up monthly payments. All the libraries are upgradeable to larger ones in the future.

Logo’s Leader Library – Five out of Five Stars