Wednesday, March 14, 2007 | |

You can be Motivated or Intimidated!

Check out this great post by Steven. It's a great reminder.

Thursday, March 08, 2007 | |

10 Factors for Higher Attendance in Church Plants

Check out the 10 Factors for Higher Attendance in Church Plants report by Ed Stetzer.
The Ten Factors are:
The Location Factor
The Ministry Factor
The Promotion Factor
The Training Factor
The Expectations Factor
The Financial Factor
The Staff Factor
The Missions Factor
The Leadership Factor
The Achievement Factor

Monday, March 05, 2007 | |

Stop trying to be number 1!

Check out this great post by Bobby from!
-ALL of these lists are simply trying to recognize something that happened last year or in some cases even later than last year (as in THE PAST)

-As fast as this world is changing churches should NOT be looking to last year’s methods/ideas to reach today’s culture. 2006 is not 2007 (February is not March)

-Though some leaders will study what these churches do and use it as a springboard for new ideas for the future…most will attempt to do exactly the same thing except this time a year or two later…what I call “lemming leadership”

-I still see thousands of churches trying their hardest to become like the #1 church of 1995 only to find out that the world has changed by the time they get there.

-I hear from several church leaders that it takes their church a long time to embrace new changes (sometimes as long as 5 years). If that is true for you…I suggest you point your churches’ trajectory at what the church of 2012 looks like.