Monday, August 22, 2005 | |

10 signs you are addicted to blogging...

I knew I had a problem. Here's Karen's 10 signs you're addicted to blogging.
1. You consider trading in your desktop for a laptop for more frequent and convenient posting.
2. You fall asleep at work because you are up all night blogging.....again.
3. Your first thought when anything happens is, "Oh, I can't wait to write about that in my blog."
4. Your mood for the day is determined by how many comments you received on your last post.
5. You actually pre-post so you will NEVER have to worry about not having a new entry.
6. You consider cancelling your vacation when you find out you won't have an internet connection and you don't yet have the ability to pre-post.
7. Your friends and family despise the word "blog"
8. You have blog "friends" who are people you've actually never met.
9. You start signing everything with your blog address instead of your name.
10. You've thought about legally changing your name to your blog address.