Wednesday, June 29, 2005 | |

Megatrends of Megachurches

In an article in Outreach Magazine, Bill Easum lists 4 Megatrends of Megachurches and what we can learn from them.

MEGATREND No.1: Rapid Growth
One of the most important and visible changes in church growth over the last 20 years is the size and rate at which churches have expanded and will continue to grow.

MEGATREND N0. 2: Small Groups
The most significant church growth event in the U.S. Church today and for decades to come is the explosion of small groups— meeting both in Sunday school classes and during the week outside the church.

MEGATREND No. 3: Multi-Service
As churches grow larger they are becoming more creative in their use of time and space.

MEGATREND No. 4: Diversity
Our churches are not the anemic church profiles portrayed in much of today’s media projection of America’s churches and their leaders. Approximately 30 of the nation’s 100 largest churches are heavily ethnically mixed.

See any other trends?