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The Leadership Blog Interview: Pete Hise

Pete Hise

Pete Hise, a native New Yorker, is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Quest Community Church in Lexington, Kentucky. Over the last 9 ½ years, Quest has seen almost 5,000 people come to Christ and has been named the 44th Fastest-Growing Church in the U.S. with over 3,300 in attendance.

Pete gave his life to Christ on November 12, 1982 and has been completely transformed by the love of God. His dynamic teaching, compelling leadership and authentic relational evangelism have shaped the heartbeat and DNA of Quest – transforming unconvinced people into wholehearted followers of Jesus.
Pete loves the Dallas Cowboys, the local church…and hanging out with his wife Jacki and his boys, Corey and Carson.

Quest Community Church

The Leadership Blog Interview Questions

1. What gives you the greatest joy in being a leader?
Pete: Provoking people to thrive. Investing in people and watching as they begin to realize their potential…initially by deciding to follow Jesus…and then as they learn to live out His expansive plans for their lives.

2. What is your biggest pet peeve as a leader?
Pete: People forgetting that this world is not our home.

3. Who made the biggest influence in your life as a leader?
Pete: Jesus – He loved me back from the dead and taught me to love people recklessly.
Keith Green – He lived the life of a Christian barbarian & helped me see that I could do the same.
Bill Hybels – His contagious love for the local church ambushed my heart & birthed the same love in me.

4. What books have changed your life?
Pete: The Word of God as it’s shaped me, my worldview & my life’s passion.
Bill Hybels’ Courageous Leadership… a book where my heart agrees with every line & I am energized to do what I was made to do.
Philip Yancey’s What’s So Amazing About Grace has painted pictures that continuously fan the flames of the grace I’ve never recovered from.

5.What's your biggest challenge as a leader?
Pete: The heartbreak of watching people I love and have invested in choose badly – and then crash and burn. Sometimes this is just caused by poor life choices, but I am particularly grieved when it happens through divisiveness and disunity. It breaks my heart – for them, for the church and for the heart of God.

6.What goals do you have as a leader?
Pete: To be more like Jesus this year than last, to see my heart race & break with the same things that make His heart race & break, to love people more tenaciously today than yesterday, to be true to my calling, & to be a loving father & husband. Mostly though…to make Jesus famous - leading as many people to Him as possible!

7.Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Pete: Serving Jesus, loving lost people, and having a blast loving the people of Quest Community Church with more passion and joy than ever…and loving my wife & sons like crazy.

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